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I hope you like my stuff :aww:

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awesome art >w<


.: Commission: camsen02 :. by ASinglePetal

Okay this is my first critique, so I may not give the best advise, but I'll try my best to help you out~</s> What a lovely gif animatio...

by Smushey



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Okay time to go back to DA.. just after I got back for a little while at the end of 2015, I silently went on another (which I saw coming) hiatus because of a trip to another country with limited wifi and a (busy) stressful time at school. I kinda choose to not show it on DA and I guess it wasn't really necessarry anyway uwu

Buut I do want to go back to DA AGAIN now things have settled. 

I kinda feel like doing an art Raffle ..not for a big project but for something like a doodle ish painting :') 
Like a reason for posting something :') .. I also just kinda feel like drawing something cute and simple haha

You can expect something small like this -> Girl with a Scarf by MiMikuChair I guess :') maybe a bit different, I'll see

I'll keep this raffle open for a little while.. idk maybe I'll even close it today, after an hour..
Kinda depends on the amount of people entering, if anyone enters anyway lol

I feel like drawing a character ~ preferably an OC or anime (cartoon) characters :'D

TLDR; I'm doing the raffle and these are the rules :P 

- You can only request me to draw an OC or an anime (cartoon) character 
- Mild fanservice ish stuff is okay, just no hardcore porn pls
- No furries ;w; .. sorry I just dont feel like drawing them
- In order to enter, comment what you'd like me to draw on this journal

Picked a winner with :p
Won't tell who it is until I'm done so there won't be arguments about when I finish it ;w;' 
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Please don't call me Michelle
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello everyone~ my name is Michelle and I hate to admit that lol
I absolutely detest that name so please don't call me Michelle I feel uncomfortable being called that lol.
So call me Mimi, which is my online nickname but since there are many Mimis on Deviantart you may also call me Mimu or Mimiku or miss Chair ..or whatever you feel like calling me as long as it isn't Michelle ^^;

I'm an 19 years old weeaboo (heart)
Now I'm studying at an art academy, it's exciting ;w; I'm following my road to become a pro when it comes to art haha xD. I'M NO HOBBYIST ANIMORE WOW lol .. well what I post shall prob still be hobby stuff though haha xD. I still consider art a hobby as well though ;)

I'm a rather shy person although through the years has been improved, once I am uncomfortable I'm silent and shy. But ones I am comfortable I can do da weirdest shiz without caring :'D a.k.a. I'll lose the shyness~

I'm half Filipino and Dutch and live in the Netherlands, also I'm a lolita. Yup I wear it in public even outside conventions and shiz. I'm just in love with the fashion and don't give a sh~(heart) about what people think about me when I am all pink and frilly haha.

Interests: Anime, manga, Lolita fashion, Guinea pigs, MLP PIM, (Flying) Fish, Goats, CHAIRS, cuteness in general ;w; and more haha
Favorite Anime: Pandora Hearts
Waifu: Alice Baskerville
Current favorite game: Osu!
Favorite lolita substyle: Classic Sweet lolita

Excuse me for my super long Deviant ID by the way, I don't know how to keep these things short :P
You may have noticed the same on my descriptions on my drawings haha.

You can also find me on:
Youtube (MiMikuChair & MiMikuDesu):… &…
photobucket (real_magic_pics):…
Iscribble (xMiChanx):…
Osu! (Alice-Usagi):
MyAnimeList (MiMikuChan):…
Vocamania (MiMikuCri):
LiveStream (magicalARTcreator):… (MiMikuChan):
365 Project (MiMikuChan):…
Facebook (Mimi Isu):…

Note: My English may have some grammitical or spelling errors ;w; ..if you notice one feel free to correct it because like this my English only becomes better

FAQ or possible questions I expect :')

Q: Why the ''Chair'' in your username?
A: First off Chairs are amazing <3
The story is kinda lame haha, but here's a short summary ;w;
It all started on a forum, at some point I randomly started talking about chairs everywhere, why? because its random >w>
At some point I started mentioning and talking about chairs so much I was called the ''Chair'' goddess and started adding ''Chair'' in a lot of my usernames. Now it's still some kind of signature of mine :')

Q: Why do you hate the name Michelle so much?
A: It's overused as feck, I'm mostly not even the only Michelle in my freaking own class ..also I just feel plain nameless with this name ._. .. heck even ''nameless'' would feel like a less nameless name than Michelle wow. I'm getting sick and tired of seeing more Michelles .__. it's not like I hate other Michelles it's just that I feel so put in the background, like I am hidden behind all these people. I'm also a more introvert types and when there's an extrovert Michelle around I'm totally put in the background..

Q: For how long have you been drawing?
A: For as long as I can remember, and no I am not satisfied with what I have reached in all this time ;_;

I stopped accepting requests a long while ago, so don't bother asking about it ^^;
Commissions currently closed

Nicey people ;v;
:iconmiririri::iconarmor-dragon-knigth2::iconeleorana::iconrjace1014::iconnekokinanect::iconyumegui::iconallenrinnekanda::iconmanekineko21::iconmea0113::iconmichiesu11::icontaraevyn::iconxxozxalicexx::iconicanreachthestars::iconmyroseblue::iconteodoraboros::icontsunaruto::iconval-krayon::iconfoxfire1329::iconblackstrawberry17::iconxmissjojo: .. ok seriously shoot me if I forgot someone ;v;'

:iconscp-079::iconwillllllllllllllliam: ...yes you too, cuz pindas

Best friend:


boyfriend (don't shock at the fact his faves are only my stuff jdfsklsf):

Alternative Account:


:iconds6plz: weeeee~


.: Commission: camsen02 :. by ASinglePetal
Okay this is my first critique, so I may not give the best advise, but I'll try my best to help you out~</s>

What a lovely gif animation~ It's really entertaining to look at! I love the small detail of the skull which moves as wel which is a very nice addition to the gives and gives it a bit more life. The blinking animation also looks very fluent.
The whole image has a very clean feel and almost has a kind of professional look of some character you would see as a mascot for example~

I like the shading and coloring you have used for this, I can't judge much about the color scheme as this isn't a character you have designed but shading wise I think you did a good job. The shadow looks well placed and you have kept it nice and clean.

I do have a few critique points though
The blinking animation of the character is a bit too predictable, he blinks way too much in a same rhythm over again which makes it seem kind of unnatural. It would be more interesting if you tried making the blinking more irregular instead of in a rhythm. This could be solved by instead of adding one blink in one loop you could add another blink in the loop with another timing to make it look a bit more irregular.

Another thing I have noticed is that the character kind of looks awkward, especially in the face shape. The face looks kind of shapeless, it would look better if you would try showing more of the shape of the cheek. The hands also look a bit stiff, you could try putting the hand in a different pose to make it more dynamic. The hands also look a bit like paws try to give longer fingers so it looks more human and.
Perhaps this was all just the style you were going for and in that case I'll take back my words.

Sorry for the wall of text :o but hopefully this will be useful for you~
Keep in mind that this comes from my opinions so decide for yourself whether you find my critique useful or not ;)
Before and after meme thing by MiMikuChair
Before and after meme thing
eh I kinda redid…
again lol

Actually I made this in december 2015 :'D..
but didn't upload it yet oops

I actually tried to keep the coloring in the same style as my previous one @_@
but now it looks like I barely improved halp

Maybe I should try to redo it without trying to keep the style of my previous one ;w; 

meme template by: :iconbampire:

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